NPM Playground is Live!


Hi! These days there are many code fiddles offering HTML / JS / CSS. So I've made one too! You can try it here.

NPM Packages support

You can import a NPM package as you would do it with bundler.

import $ from "jquery";

$("body").css("background-color", "#FF0");

Multi-file support

My code fiddle supports multiple files, and they can be connected with ECMAScript import / export. But be aware - you have to exclude these extensions:

  • .js
  • .jsx
  • .ts
  • .tsx


import Counter from "./counter";

/// ....


export default function Counter({count}) {
    return <h1>Counter: {count}</h1>

Supports multiple files

It currently supports:

  • JS
  • JSX
  • TS
  • TSX
  • CSS

Support for HTML is planned.